About us

Matekane Group of Companies was established in 1986 as Matekane Transport and Plant Hire. We have now evolved into a multi-sector corporation embodying aviation, property development, mining and farming. Welcome to our world of innovation, where creativity and passion drive us to achieve beyond set goals at all times.


Chairman Foreword

For the past 3 decades we have whole heartedly pulled all efforts to build this company. With the determination of my team who dedicated time, skill and passion to their work, we have grown and built an unshakable foundation based on trust, love, innovation, respect and God.
We evolved with current affairs and other elements that affect business on a day to day basis and we have emerged to enter a new era of business. While also emancipating the youth of our country by offering opportunities that help them realise their dreams, we are also grooming an army of socially responsible individuals who will build not only their lives but invest in the future of their country.
Through our many Corporate Social Investment- CSI and CSR projects, we have immensely contributed to the youth and communities in which we operate. MGC believes in imparting knowledge, skill and education through projects such as scholarships, sports financial support and health awareness initiatives.
 We are committed to developing the country through multiple the industries in which we operate. Having employed hundreds of Basotho, we strive to improve the economy and our people.


To be a world class corporation that will embody different industries, take up any challenge and deliver


To be an agile and dynamic world class corporation poised to identify industry challenges, match them with new technologies and turn them into profitable business opportunities and ventures.


Customer centric service excellence

At the core of our existence is the desire to match our solutions to the needs of our stakeholders… with passion

Ethical business practices

Should continually anchor our conduct

Grow our people, our best assets

As they define who we are and what we represent. We will ensure that they are not only highly skilled but also motivated to be ambitious, and drive their own growth with our full support

Return to our shareholders

We will utilise the assets entrusted to us to ensure optimal and sustainable profits for our shareholders

Download: MGC HSE Policy 2018-19