Social Reponsibility

Mantsonyane Project

In 2013 MGC CSI commenced the erection of The MGC-Mantsonyane Project. With a Primary and Secondary school underway, the end of this project will award us with a Priest house, an administrative office and a boarding house with fully equipped sporting necessities.

Thaba Tseka Scholarships

In a country where HIV/AIDS and other health challenges have resulted in a high number of orphans, changing societal practices and urbanisation have increased the level of child vulnerability with many of the orphans having to fend for themselves and their siblings. Some end up unable to take advantage of the free primary education offered by the country.

Sports Sponsorship: Soccer

For years we made ad-hoc contributions to sporting events in Lesotho. But the most rewarding decision we took was to support football clubs in an attempt to contribute to both development and sustainability. FC Likhopo soccer club is one of the many beneficiaries of our sponsorships, now in its third year.

Roof of Africa

Off-road racing is a sport very close to our founder’s heart. Apart from taking part in races in the past, he has ensured that we remain a part of it over the years. MGC sponsors the Roof of Africa Race with our B3 Helicopter for the filming of the race and we are present every year. Now we sponsor Basotho riders and we invite and urge the country to fully give its support as well.