World of Innovation

Where creativity and passion drive us to achieve beyond set goals.

Chairman's Foreword

For many years, MGC has operated in the different sectors with the aim to lead and deliver the best service to its clients. Transformation has been at the top of our list and this has led us to remaining at the top at all times. It is now time to be more innovative in contributing to the economy of our country and adding value to important issues such as education, health, sports and other aspects that fall within our CSI initiatives.

We have for many years given back to the communities around Lesotho and will continue to contribute what we can to help develop our communities. MGC has so far set an example for many corporates and local businessmen to care and help develop the country through any possible means. The team at MGC is dedicated to serving you with love and grace from the moment you walk through our doors to the delivery of all services we offer.

Welcome to MGC, a world of innovation