To be a world class corporation that will embody different industries, take up any challenge and deliver.


To be an agile and dynamic world class corporation poised to identify industry challenges, match them with new technologies and turn them into profitable business opportunities and ventures.


  • Customer Centric Service Excellence
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Grow Our People, Our Best Assets
  • Return To Our Shareholders


Welcome to Matekane Group of Companies where innovation is a change that unlocks new value. Matekane Group of Companies was established in 1986 as Matekane Transport and Plant Hire. We progressed into a multi-sector corporation embodying Aviation, Property Development, Mining, Hospitality and Farming, by evolving with current affairs and other elements that affects Business continuously.

We have emerged to enter a new era of business. Having employed hundreds of Basotho, MGC is committed to develop the country through multiple industries in which it is operational. We believe that every problem and failure is a gift, and without problems we would have not grown to the stage at which we are currently.

We go all-out to advance technologically in order to help keep all our subsidiaries perform at best. Continuous human resource training is on top of our list as we are aware of rapid technological, environmental, political and economic changes.

We are a Hospitality Company that follows the operator’s perspective that says, the guest exists to be served; the operator exists to serve. An operator succeeds when he or she makes a guest feel comfortable and catered to. Our hotel, Mpilo Boutique Hotel, brings an experience that attracts guests back and drives repeated revenue.

We are a Mining Company that offers machinery for your mining needs. Ranging from haulage to drill and blasting; our mining machinery is designed to increase our client’s productivity and boost their bottom line.

We are a Property Development Company that designs and build properties that meet the latest building regulations and energy efficiency standards.

We are an Aviation Company that can offer helicopters, private jets and executive airliner charters, as well as a huge range of small specialist aircraft for all business and leisure purposes.

Matekane Group of Companies is truly a world class corporation, is zealous and striving to do more, better and to improve the economy of Lesotho nation.